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Making every Moment counts with the Best Wedding Planner App in Australia

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Best Wedding Planner App Australia

To prepare for your important day, one must understand the entire process and know which venues and suppliers to turn to.

And with Designa Studio being one of the best wedding planner app Australia, you’ll find yourself enjoying many of its features when attempting to organise your best wedding events.

Find out more about the app and how it can help you with planning, organising, and keeping track of your wedding preparations in the following post.

For sourcing inspiration

Get inspired with great designs - Best Wedding Planner App Australia
Get inspired with great designs

First of all, people need a good source of inspiration to quickly and effortlessly come up with ideas for the perfect weddings.

And with Designa Studio, you can immediately discover many great wedding designs and showcases of real-life events, which will instantly inspire you to work on your own ideas for the perfect wedding.

Have no trouble browsing through the different entries of various wedding types, settings, and at different scales. By simply looking at these fully realised wedding ideas, you can comprehend the designs and start dreaming of your own wedding.

For choosing colour themes

And as you think of certain wedding designs, it’s important that you pick the perfect colours for them. Simply enter the app and start choosing the different colour options, so the app wedding planner instantly provides you with great design ideas of many colour palettes.

Use the multiple choices of colours to filter ideas for your wedding, so you can always have the best setups available.

Here, the different colour options will be available when you’re sourcing for inspirations, considering the venues, and looking for the perfect designs. Thus, allowing you to have the best wedding plans with matching colours and themes.

For budget planning

One of the most important factors when preparing for a wedding is the amount of money that you’re willing to spend. These are greatly contributed by the venues of your choice, the number of guesses, and the services that you wish to provide to the attendees.

And with the best wedding planner app Australia, Designa users can use the general calculations of capacity and cost per head to pick the right venues, wedding suppliers, and decorations that match their budgets.

Together with these basic spending, you can then calculate your other expenses and sum up the overall spending for the wedding. Make use of these so you can decide how much you wish to pay for the events.

For venue research

Find the best venues with Designa Studio
Find the best venues with Designa Studio

And speaking of which, the best wedding planning app will provide you with many trusted and beautiful venues to immediately select and have them as your desirable locations. With Designa, you can find the right venues for weddings and many other events.

Choose certain venue types to provide additional services. Consider the different catering options if necessary. Find out more about the beverages and amenities that you might need. And you’ll have the filtered venues ready to be explored.

For suppliers – the best wedding planner app Australia

And to provide for your events, the best wedding planning app will allow users to browse through the lists of many reliable suppliers who can provide you with certain products and services for the wedding.

With only trusted and verified suppliers, Designa – the best wedding planner app Australia can guarantee the quality of their services.

Here, you can look for products for decorations, props, fixtures, and different wares. All of which are designed to help you prepare for the best weddings.

For decorations

When it comes to the decorations of your weddings, the free wedding planner app may deliver many suggestions of products from different categories and colours.

Have no trouble navigating between the tables, candleware, draping, flooring, lighting, and other props of different designs and styles. And pick the colours of your favourites and of matching themes using Designa Studio.

Here, the online wedding planner app will also provide you with the best décor hires and stylists for the wedding. Thus, allowing you to find the best wedding planners and creative directors to guarantee the best wedding decorations.

For 3D presentations

Start your 3D presentations anywhere and anytime
Start your 3D presentations anywhere and anytime

And for those of you who are interested in the uses of a 3D floor planner, then you can always make use of the wedding planner app on android and iPhone to handle your creative designs and 3D showcases with ease.

Have no troubles working with the convenient and fully-featured tools from the free wedding planning app, as they allow you to create the most incredible 3D floor plans.

With realistic 3D props, high-resolution renderings, and intuitive 3D showcases, Designa Studio users will have no trouble enjoying the app and its features, as it allows them to design and present their ideas with ease.

For complete project management

In addition, the best wedding planner app will make a great place for clients and suppliers to connect. Thus, making it a lot easier for you to manage your wedding preparations. Here, you can immediately contact the venues and suppliers using direct contacts or in-app messages.

Have no troubles reaching your wedding planners and hires in Designa Studio. Start your conversation via the app or plan for your meeting to resolve your plans and issues. Keep track of all your booked venues, suppliers, and services via the wedding app planner.

All of which will make sure that you can manage the projects and guarantee that everything is going according to plan.


It’s rare to see such a capable app that can handle your different wedding preparation tasks from the early stages to the very end. And with Design Studio being able to offer you inspirations, venues, suppliers, decorations, 3D designs, and project management, you will always find it is the best wedding planner app Australia. Don’t forget to check out our Blog Designa for more interesting articles on event planning.

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