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What Venues and Event Spaces Need to Do to Engage Clients?

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What venues and event spaces need to do to engage clients virtually

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on how we plan weddings, conferences, Venues and Event Spaces. The country’s persistent coronavirus outbreaks have once again dominated the headlines. Despite Sydney being in lockdown for its fifth consecutive week, as of this time of writing, 172 new cases in New South Wales have been reported.

If there is one topic that is also dominating the minds of industry experts, it has to be how we survive and adapt to this ever-changing situation. The protocols have again shifted dramatically in recent weeks, and professionals again face the need to make difficult decisions swiftly.

It is not tenable in the long term to be cancelling or postponing events. So, what does the future hold for the events industry? Is there any advice on how to deal with ongoing large-scale disruption? Learning to navigate changing circumstances necessitates the adoption of new skills and practices that let us change quickly. We look at the options available to venues and event spaces, and organisers for minimising interruption in this article.

Event Technology Trends You Need to Embrace to Improve Your Venues and Event Spaces

Planning virtually helps to overcome face-to-face meeting constraints. Despite the many collaboration tools that let us engage virtually, most lack the visual cues and appeal that we get from immersing physically or emotionally, which is often required when planning an event. One of the most challenging tasks is to use compelling and engaging media to impress your clients. This might include virtual tours, engaging vision boards, dynamic floor plans that come with added benefits of being digitally adaptive to the latest health advice.

Marketers and event planners have long depended on technology to handle the more sophisticated aspects of event planning, such as venue booking, planning, and design. However, because of the pandemic, people are relying on technology more than ever. The pandemic presented unique challenges to event planners, and our industry responded by using the finest technology available – and even inventing new technology.

Here’s How Your Venues Event Space Can Keep The Momentum During this Pandemic

3D rendering: With the ongoing lockdown, site visits are limited, so it is vital to showcase your venue in the best visually appealing way, in ways that let your clients immerse in the space like they would with a site visit. This can be achieved through realistic 3D renders, accurately and dynamically showing various floor plan setups. As a bonus, 3D renders can include different decor setups to show you can really show how a room can be transformed or adapted with socially distanced seating arrangements.

Vision boards and inspiration: This is one of the great tools to increase your engagement potential for prospective clients. Engaging virtually or via online channels means you need to use new methods to invoke emotion and connection which we know is often so important to clients choosing a venue.

Virtual tours: Many clients will prefer to use an interactive way to visualise their event at your venue anytime, anywhere. Your business must be prepared for this as this will make or break potential bookings. A virtual walkthrough of your venue offered from the comfort of their home can make this all happen.

Let Designa Handle All Your Event-Tech needs

Designa is an end-to-end platform for all people in the event industry. This application lets you remodel floor plans and seating arrangements that observe social distancing and other health protocols. You can also stay connected with your clients and other suppliers with our in-built messaging functionality. Not to mention our market-leading 3D platform that lets you see your venue and end event in an ultra-realistic view, a significant advantage in the current environment.

Check out more articles on our Blog Designa Studio to have more idea that improve your Venues and Event Spaces!

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