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The Best Free Design Layout Software For Easy Event Designs

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The Best Free Design Layout Software For Easy Event Designs

To make sure that you can deliver professional room layouts and office floor plans without spending a fortune, the best free design layout software is always the right call.

And if you’re having trouble finding the right design tools, then the best software in our list will make it a lot easier for you to choose.


With this free design layout software, you’ll have a complete platform for enabling your 2D and 3D room designs. Simply enter the Designa application and start making use of its features to get inspired from thousands of design inspirations.

Here, you can explore many design concepts for weddings, corporate, cultural, and other special events. Look at real-life photos from lists of venues and suppliers on the platform with whom you can have services available right away.

Enjoy their different concepts, then pick your favourites to have them immediately realized. Feel free to explore the multiple decorations in the app, as they provide you with objects and design concepts for immediate use.

Feel free to look at the actual 3D visualizations of the venues, object layouts, and the entire design concepts before deciding your options.

And at the same time, you’re allowed to work with the most intuitive design environments to quickly generate your 2D or 3D room layouts on the go. Make use of powerful features and predefined templates to easily work on any of your creative layouts.

Designa - Your Top-Rated free design layout software
Designa – Your Top-Rated free design layout software


If you want to work from the ground up and to the very details of your large projects, then CAD is one of the most powerful toolkits.

It’s trusted among professional architects, construction managers, and engineers to handle their projects in 2D and 3D. With capable tools, you can quickly construct the environments and visualize your designs in 2D and 3D.

Enjoy using its powerful features to visualize the structures, layouts, and detailed measurements. All these features make CAD a great option for professional projects.

However, casual users will find it quite overkill. And most of the time, beginners will find themselves struggling with their uses of the in-app features since there are so many of them, and each being extremely in-depth.

In addition, the software can be quite hardware-demanding, so unless you have a powerful system, you don’t want to use it at all. And finally, if you want to enjoy the free features, you can only sign up for the free trial program. After that, the software is completely paid-to-use.

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App Diagrams

Being a completely free, open-source, and cross-platform application, App Diagrams (formerly is undoubtedly a must-have option on our list.

Here, users can immediately dive into drawing and designing their layouts. With a list of standard drawing and designing tools, the app allows you to casually design your 2D floor plans on the fly. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with 3D features or objects for more sophisticated designs.

But for 2D floor plans, you’ll have more than enough tools to complete your projects. Have no trouble using the app to handle your designs and layouts of different structures.

Enjoy using the cross-platform software on your mobile and desktop devices with seamless integrations. Always have access to the auto-save feature on selected cloud storage. And have the quick sharing feature enabled whenever you want.

Floorplan Creator

Use floorplan creator to generate your layouts quickly
Use floorplan creator to generate your layouts quickly

If you’re looking for the most simple and capable design tools for your Android devices, then Floorplan Creator is a great free design layout software.

Here, you can immediately work with the intuitive design interface, which allows you to quickly realize your layout ideas. Make use of the in-app objects and templates to work on your designs. Or feel free to import your own design elements for more personalized projects.

Along with the mobile version, the app is also available online via its web-based version, which you can easily access from any of your mobile or desktop devices. Plus, the online saves and syncs make it much more convenient for casual uses.

The app is free for users to explore most of its features, although you’ll have to deal with limited export options and reduced design quality. If you’re more interested in its features, there will always be a paid version for you.


With different versions for web uses, iOS, Android, Windows, and other systems, the layout design software offers a complete cross-platform experience for designers to work with.

Here, you can have simple yet convenient and adequate floor planning tools, which are more than enough to handle your different projects. Create your 2D layouts and automatically have the 3D mode available for easy reviews.

And most importantly, the impressive interior design features will make sure that you can always have the best home designs on the fly.

Enjoy working with multiple layout templates and high-quality 3D objects to quickly construct your different scenarios. Have complete control over the positioning, orientations, colours, and other features of your objects

For those who are looking for casual uses, then the free version will offer you simple features to get by. However, if you want to make the most of the application, you’ll need to consider its subscriptions.


Create and visualize your designs
Create and visualize your designs

This one is definitely not the easiest to learn, but you can do a lot with it, thanks to the added professional features.

Here, you can make your 2D floorplans and 3D models using the app’s enhanced options and optimized features. Have access to the in-built library of 2D documentation and prebuilt 3D models, which can be used on any of your designs.

Make use of the quick insights for different projects to complete your much-needed research. Unlock the XR Headset Viewing mode to make your layouts more comprehensive. And unlock the V-Ray to enable photorealistic and real-time visualizations of your floorplans.

And when it comes to pricing, you can enjoy the free plan with the SketchUp web and mobile versions enabled. However, the limited features will hinder your progress, especially if you’re working on large projects.


If you’re just looking to get a floor layout done, then Floorplanner might be a better option. Here, you can explore the multiple tools and features that help to quickly enable your floorplans and make any changes necessary.

Also, the browser-based software will make it much easier for you to enjoy its features on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices without any confusion.

The uses of break points make it easier for you to manipulate the walls and customize your designs. And the huge library of 3D items will let you plan your space relatively easily in the layout software.

Once you’re done with your designs and layouts, Floorplanner can help you with generating your photorealistic 2D and 3D images.

Use floor planner to plan your layouts
Use floor planner to plan your layouts

Sweet Home 3D

And last but not least, one of the favourite free design layout software, Sweet Home 3D, offers users simple and useful design features for their houses and offices.

Here, you can easily draw your layouts and add furniture to the designs in both 2D and 3D. With straightforward operations and well-designed tools, you’ll have no trouble handling your projects with the app.

And most importantly, the free app comes with a huge library of 3D models, textures, plug-ins, and tools that are provided by Sweet Home 3D users from all over the world. As a result, you can always find the right features and design assets for your work.

Sweet Home 3D is free for all users to download and enjoy on their Windows devices. And the software also has a web-based version for other systems.

If you want to enjoy its features, you can always get the free app without paying for anything. Although you might consider donating to the cause.

Wrap up..

With the best design features and amazing libraries of assets, the free design layout software on our list will definitely come in handy, especially if you want to speed up your processes with beautiful layouts. Don’t forget to check out our other useful articles about event planning to best prepare for your upcoming event!

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