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Business Directories have historically been a way for events businesses to reach their online consumers, but are they still relevant?

We know with certainty that trends of online shopping will continue to grow and change, search engines will dictate what we can see and consumers will consistently demand newer, more relevant information.

For those of us in the events industry, we need to rethink how we reach our customers. Traditional business directories are no longer relevant. Consumers are expected to sift through lines of listings which all look the same and offer no insight into whether the suppliers are compatible or if they meet a need. The pitfalls are clear;

No differentiation – Directory listings force standardisation. It’s very difficult to showcase your wares and demonstrate your areas of expertise visually.

Bundled together with competitors, not complementing collaborators – traditional directories list by supplier category. They don’t screen listings and they don’t show events businesses in their best light, collaborating with other industry experts.

No association – It’s very difficult for an events business to share industry collaborations which are vital for pulling off a successful event.

Not immersive – Consumers need to take multiple steps to reach a business and often can’t easily save their preferred listings or refer to their preferred products. Orders online are often a hassle and come with expensive listing fees that hit a supplier bottom line.

Google changes the game with 87% of all searches performed on Google. But even then, customers are often not seeing the best an events company has to offer? The directory limitations still exist.

A customer is expected to sift through listings to find what inspires them.

Social media sites such as instagram are great visual medium to inspire your customers, but how do they go from finding inspiration to making their dream event, a reality?

It’s clear that the Events industry needs access to a new marketplace that can bring the best elements of the industry to the consumers at the point they’re trying to plan an event. The industry needs to make the physical available on digital in a way that allows event suppliers to provide a virtual showroom experience, digitally.

Designa is changing the game. Check it out and take the next step in making your business visible to customers.

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