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5 Best Christmas Party Decoration Hire and Most Useful Tips 2022

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Christmas Party Decoration

If you’re planning a holiday party this year, you might be wondering how to elevate your celebrations and Christmas traditions. Not to worry, the best Christmas party decoration hire will provide you with ideas and considerations for a warm Christmas party.

While the crisp air, bundled clothing, and favourite carols get us in the holiday spirit, it’s the special decor that captures the essence of the winter holidays.

Whatever goal you set for Christmas party decoration, it is always good to have some new ideas, and searching for the best Christmas party decoration hire can help you easily realize that idea to make your holiday extra special. In this post, Designa will show you the coolest ideas and perfect places to hire Christmas decorations.

5+ Cool Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

Cool Christmas party decoration for a wonderful day.
Cool Christmas party decoration for a wonderful day.

Choose Festive Lighting

Proper lighting is the simplest way to set the tone for your Christmas party. When you think of Christmas, you probably think of red and green lighting accents. You can use coloured light bulbs or even colour-changing LED bulbs.

Look for string lights with fun-shaped bulbs if you want something a little more whimsical. If your theme calls for it, you can use stars, hearts, or even red-hot pepper bulbs.

Decorate the Ceiling

Don’t forget about the ceiling when decorating the venue. Hang streamers and balloons in traditional holiday colours to create a festive atmosphere. Some designers like to gather all of the streamers in the centre of the ceiling and then cover the hangers with a cluster of balloons. Balloons at the corners of the ceiling also add a splash of colour to the space.

Add Some Candles

The flickering candles create a romantic and cozy feeling.
The flickering candles create a romantic and cozy feeling.

If you want an elegant look, add some candles to the mix. Individual candles can be placed on tables or incorporated into centrepieces. Candles look great on the bar and elsewhere in the room. Just don’t put them in high-traffic areas! They are more likely to be knocked over if they are not.

Make the Christmas Party Venue Decorations Sweet

Here’s another way to make the Christmas party more enjoyable. Everyone enjoys freshly baked gingerbread figures, cookies, or cupcakes that have been iced in festive colours if you don’t want to go with baked goods, including sweet candy, candy canes, M&Ms, and gummy bears. What’s not to love about sugary treats at Christmas?

Decorate Christmas Tree

Make a night of putting up your Christmas tree decorations with your friends and family. Christmas would be incomplete without a tree. You can have one large tree in the centre of the venue or several smaller trees scattered throughout. You can even use miniature trees as centrepieces on each table.

5 Perfect Places for Christmas Party Decoration Hire

Qube Events

A modern space for a Christmas party with Qube Events.
A modern space for a Christmas party with Qube Events.

Take your Christmas party to the next level this year! Qube Events & Productions specializes in seasonal décor and can transform any space into the ideal party location. Each event is tailored to your specific theme, allowing them to transform your venue into the ideal setting for your Christmas party.

They offer everything from luxury Christmas tree and garland rental to wreaths, themed props, and hanging ceiling decorations! Choose from a variety of themes, including Winter Wonderland, Alpine Christmas, Alice in Wonderland at Christmas, and Steampunk Xmas.

Qube Events can style your event with any theme you want, from modern winter themes to traditional Christmas colours, thanks to a large selection of seasonal decor.

Baker Design Group

Experience the unique Christmas decoration style at Baker Design Group.
Experience the unique Christmas decoration style at Baker Design Group.

A reputable place to hire Christmas decorations next will bring you great experiences from their service.

The Christmas Decorators at Baker Design Group provide a free in-home consultation. Their Christmas designers will look at your space and discuss holiday design concepts that will work with your space at this time.

Their interior designers will skillfully design your home to look distinct and beautiful with a flowing design concept, providing you with a stress-free Christmas…all while staying within your budget. They also provide take-down and re-design services, as well as integrate your products with theirs to achieve the WOW effect you seek this holiday season.

The Christmas Decorator

A sparkling space with The Christmas Decorator for a memorable Christmas.
A sparkling space with The Christmas Decorator for a memorable Christmas.

The Christmas Decorators create one-of-a-kind lighting displays for each property they decorate, taking into account the unique styles and surroundings of each location. Roofline contours, bushes, shrubs, trees, driveways and entrances, wreaths, and potted trees are all available to light your home from top to bottom.

They bring the magic of Christmas inside your home and party as well, with traditional Christmas tree decorations just the beginning of their interior decorations. Garlands can be used to decorate doorways and banisters, and why not add some flair around the stockings this year with fireplace garlands and festive floral arrangements?

Julia Charles Event Management

Traditional, cozy decor at Julia Charles Event Management.
Traditional, cozy decor at Julia Charles Event Management.

Their House Christmas Setups and Decorations will make your home the most luxurious and festive in the neighbourhood!

They can create unique Christmas decorations for your home and parties to help you, your family, and your guests get into the Christmas spirit. We will make your home look magical from head to toe, from unique outdoor lighting displays to the smallest indoor details.

Whether you want a Traditional Christmas Theme, a Winter Wonderland Theme, or an original theme from your imagination, they will source and create all of the decorations and sets just for you!

The Dave

Modern Christmas space with The Dave.
Modern Christmas space with The Dave.

Their Christmas party decoration hire service provides custom-designed decorations that will bring joy and happiness to any home during the holiday season.

They offer a Christmas decoration hire service to many households that want to create a memorable Christmas experience for their family and friends. Their trees and decorations provide displays that you have always desired, ensuring that your home is filled with the Christmas spirit for years to come.

All of their Christmas decoration hire products are custom designed to capture the spirit of Christmas and to provide customers with the entire package, whether it’s a Christmas tree in your home or a decoration wreath, visitors will experience the magic of Christmas in this space.

In conclusion

Are you planning a one-of-a-kind Christmas party this year? If so, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas party decorations! A festive atmosphere is a key to successful holiday bash, and luckily, there are plenty of great places for Christmas party decoration hire. Follow our top five picks, plus some tips on how to make your party truly special. We wish you the happiest of holidays!

Don’t forget to check out Designa’s blog for more helpful holiday tips!

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